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Physical Descriptions

Complexion - Brown, Black, Furry, Scaly, Feathered

Height - 5 to 8 feet 

Longevity - 70 years

Eyes - All Colors Possible

Hair - Brown, Grey, White, Blond, Black, Red

Other - Animal Characteristics


Non-sex dominated

 Superior Minded, History Focused

Alpha Minded

Political View

                  The mortalis would have you believe that they are the historians of Superi.  There is perhaps a touch of truth to their claims. Though while they relive their history through stories retold and outlawed teaching; a lullaby or two, we fera remember vividly what was because we see it still in our dreams.


                The day the curse was cast through the portal was a nightmare of epic proportions. We were all one… and then we were not. While the terra of Superi went untouched its people were torn asunder. Families were ripped apart as the curse manifested. The pain of the change that came over us was horrendous, but the shattering of our collective psyche drove a wedge between Superians that stands until this day.


                Some became known as nox; with dark skin and double pointed ears. They fled to the swamp lands and lost themselves for generations. When they emerged anew they were a people without equal; their prowess on and off the battle fields of the wars to come would mark them a fierce and proud nation.


                Some became known as fulgo. The color had been leeched from their skin leaving them the pale white of death. Their bodies stretched, becoming slender and sinuous; until they towered over the other races, and mistook their greater height for greater importance. They stared out at the rest of Superi through yellow eyes that perceived too much and too little.


                Like a lamb they cried unity but were quick to cloister their own. They laid carefully wrought plans that would trigger wars, but from their mouths they cried peace. They gathered those of like minds from amongst the other races; promising them a position of authority when the fulgo became the governors of Superi, but always they kept for themselves the highest offices.


                Some became known as mortalis’, and they became obsessed with regaining their former glory. They tested themselves through contest and conquest. Pushing their race to be what they could never be again.


                There are those that would say that the nox represented darkness in the race of the Superians. They would say that perhaps the fulgo represented a kind of light, but darkness does not equate to evil, nor does light equate to good, as the race that retained the Superians image bore evidence.


                 The race that became known as the mortalis had undergone the least of physical changes, but within… they were changed more than us all. They fought harder; loved stronger, and lived each day as though it were their last, because the years of their life had been shortened.


                But what then they would say about those of us that became known as the fera? Had an animal lived inside each of us? Or were we the ones truly cursed? We were the ones they ran from. We were the ones they feared, and in our isolation we became something more.


                In the midst of chaos our Alphas did rise. We found them through the link in our minds. For while we retain our own thoughts and will, we dream of what our Alphas dream. It was during the first aquis war that the Alphas first reached out; seeking a place to form a foundation upon which we could rebuild. We led them into the hills of sorrows and beneath the ground we hid them away; safe from the eyes of the other races.


               During the second aquis war the Alphas sent us out into Superi in search of territories to claim. We chose the mountains. We chose the forests. We chose the plains. We left the towns and cities to the others races, and dug our claws deep into the land. The other races said we were devolving; becoming feral. In truth we were adapting; evolving, as the third aquis war would prove.


              While their eyes were on the oceanus’; busily protecting coastal boundaries, the Alphas gave the order and we took their towns. We took their cities. We sent them running for the safety of greater numbers. Duar Mortis became ours, as did Paradisi Colles and Turris Cave. We laid no claim to the hills of sorrow so our Alphas would remain undetected. When the war was ended the other races were too battle worn and weary to take back what was once theirs and they abandoned it into our hands.


               The Alphas sent the most animalistic of us to protect our boarders. Those with higher intelligence they placed over the cities. Turning them into fortified compounds from which each region received its orders from the Alphas.


              Others still; those that retained humanoid speech and that walked upon two legs, the Alphas sent out into to Superi for a different reason. They integrated themselves into the lives of every race. They became healers to the everyday people. They became guards; soldiers; generals in the other races’ cities and armies. They became their neighbors; their friends, but at the end of the day they answered only to their Alphas.



While the rest of Superi discounted them as mere animals; a side effect of the curse to be forgotten, the Nation of the Fera was born.





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