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Here are the abilities talked about in Books one and two, we will add the rest and go over other abilities as more books come out and the abilities become relevant. 

Aqua Wielder

Level 1:

  • Ability to move water minor, or ability to move easily in water. 

  • Ability to separate water from objects minor

  • Ability to detect liquids

  • Understand and identify poisons

  • Minor chemist 

  • Tasters for important rich people

  • Fisherman


Level 2:

  • More abilities to manipulate water; freeze it, and move it freely.

  • Pull water and other liquid chemicals out of plants, trees, and other living things

  • Detect liquids from a distance 

  • Create fogs

  • Used as guards, army and soldiers

  • Chemist major and minor


Level 3:

  • Major manipulation of water; create waves, move water as a weapon, stream it in any shape or form.

  • Freeze, boil, or evaporate

  • Control fogs

  • Highest ability to detect liquids

  • Can pull water out of the air and any object within reason

  • Can read the genetic code or abilities of others

  • Master chemists

  • Soldiers 

Ingis Wielder

Level 1: 

  • Heat any object you are touching

  • Minor manipulation of fire and heated objects

  • Hand are not fire proof

  • Most work as blacksmiths or tool builders


Level 2:

  • Heat any object within a few feet of the person

  • Withstand heat completely but hands and lower arms only

  • Can protect others you are touching from heat but not totally

  • Better manipulation of fire and heated objects

  • Most work as blacksmiths or tool builders


Level 3:

  • Ability to throw fire and or heat objects you are not touching

  • Withstand fire or heat completely

  • Can build fire shields to protect themselves or others

  • Almost total protection for someone you are touching

  • Most of them work as guards or soldiers.

Terra Wielder

Level 1:

  • Ability to shake the ground beneath your feet causing others to stumble. 

  • Minor manipulation of terra and minerals

  • Mineral location detection minor

  • Miners and labor force


Level 2:

  • Ability to shake buildings they are near or in

  • Can detect minerals in ground at further distance

  • Manipulation of terra; seal holes, make small tunnels, throw small rocks

  • Mineral shapers like jewels

  • High authority miners

  • Home builders

  • Construction workers


Level 3: 

  • Ability to create small terra quakes near the person

  • Can pull minerals out of the ground around them at will

  • Highest manipulation; make big tunnels, move buildings.

  • Complete control of minerals shaping combining or separating. 

Aer Wielder

Level 1:

  • Manipulate the air around themselves minor

  • Push and pull the air currents

  • Heighten sense of smell

  • Labor force


Level 2:

  • Stronger manipulation of the air around them

  • Ability to suck the air out of a container or area

  • Ability to sand blast objects

  • Move and control smoke or clouds

  • Army

  • Soldiers

  • Guards


Level 3: 

  • Complete control of the air around

  • Push and pull objects

  • Cut with the air, turning it into a weapon

  • Complete control over clouds and smoke

  • Can create sand storms

  • Can jump really high


Level 1:

  • Drain powers from another for a very limited amount of time

  • Pull memories from anyone but can’t keep them for long

  • Labors or thieves no one trust them

  • They hide their marks usually


Level 2:

  • Drain powers from another for longer durations

  • Pull memories from anyone and keep them

  • Feed off the emotions from anyone around them

  • Minor ability to implant emotions and memories into others

  • Spies

  • Thieves

  • Assassins


Level 3: 

  • Drain powers from others and keep them permently if the person dies

  • Pull memories and if want to erase them out of the others head

  • Feed off the emotions from anyone around them further away then level 2

  • Wipe someones memories and make them think whatever they want

  • Pull energy from anything redirecting or directing it into something else. 

Gate Maker

Level 1 -

  • Send objects across town

  • Person must have to been to both sides of where the gate will be opened. 


Level 2 -

  • Send objects across the oceans

  • Person must have to been to both sides of where the gate will be opened. 


Level 3 -

  • Portal size depends on distance of the portal

  • Person only has to been to one side of the gate


Level 1 -

  • Focus to get barely get into people’s thoughts

  • Can’t push thoughts in


Level 2 -

  • Hears thoughts of those around them focusing or not

  • Can make suggestions in your head that you will think are yours but can’t make you believe them


Level 3 -

  • Hears everyone’s thoughts whether they want to or not, but can focus on shrinking the voices

  • Can push into your brain and hurt you

  • Can make up memories that didn’t really happen

Rift Maker

There are no levels to this ability.


It is the combination of an Epoto and a Gate Maker.


The Rift Maker has the ability to pull energy from other objects to feed the energy need of the Gate creating a Rift with the ability to open anywhere. 

Physical Abilities

All Physical Abilities are based on a measurement from a "Normal" person on the planet. 


Physical Abilities can be any ONE of the following, unless the being is an Angeli. Whom all have a across the board Level 2 Rating compared to the rest of the "Normal" population. 

- Strength

- Speed

- Agility

- Sight

- Hearing

- Stamina


Level 1 -

  • 2 to 3 x Normal


Level 2 -

  • 3 to 4 x Normal


Level 3 -

  • 5 to 6 x Normal

Level 1 -

  • Dreams come to them without warning


Level 2 - Soothsayer

  • Visions come to them while awake


Level 3 - Oracle

  • Can use items to read the future at will.


Nothing is ever certain since the future can always change

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