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Reborn is the first of many series to come from the world Superi;


Three thousand years ago one man set into motion a cataclysmic event that will set Superi and Earth as perpetual enemies. Though time has dulled their memory, a new catalyst has emerged, forcing Superians to face their past if they are to have a future. Join us in book one, REBORN, of the Superi Series, where five teenagers begin a journey that will one day make them heroes.



“And from Earth the gods look to the heavens, to Superi, and to the angeli race that resides there. Vigilantly they guard against the day when the dark gate will open again…..”


 Excerpt from the journal of Nathon Bealson


Available Now!!

Though they escaped with their lives our five teens are now on the run of their lives. Mercenaries, bounty hunters and all of those who would gain their favor are after them and will stop at nothing until they are captured again or firmly under their control.


Join Tristans Team holder as they survive on their own making their way back to Palace Regia to Anliac’s father, their only known alley left. Meet the alphas that have protected Tristan his whole life from behind the scenes as knowledge of his true form has never been secret to them. Through life experiences and battles fought our group will be challenged and tried again and again until the bounty hunters come for them and they are RECLAIMED


Available Now!!

Anliac and Tristan’s fears become a reality when they are reclaimed by the tower. Through the transfusion of combined Superian blood, a second angeli is created, and now they are faced with an impossible task. Those in the tower will get their way, and in so doing, they will invite the very danger they’d hoped to ward against.


While the heroes of Superi struggle to understand their own power, a Greek god will emerge from a gateway, and step onto Superian soil for the first time in thousands of years. While the threat of the gods looms over Superi, politics becomes an equal danger. With war on everyone’s breath, follow the Five as their new stations vault them into a position that could see them destroyed by either world. See them stand as one. Watch, as they spark a Revolution.


Available Now!!

Two angeli are like a white capped wave on the 

surface of an ocean. The wave rolls, it breaks over, 

and then settles once again. Should we stir that ocean, 

a thousand tidal waves could crash down upon us, 

and what remains would be washed away.”


The warning is given, but it goes unheeded, and so 

the war begins. The House of Angeli stand as the chief 

cornerstone of Superi’s defenses as the Nations decide

their fate. Will they stand with Five to face the monsters 

Earth spews forth? 

Will they rally and meet the gods head on… 

Or will they choose a worse fate when the war is done? 

For those who do not aid the Angeli, might well endure 

their wrath instead. 


Available Now!!

Zeus was right; Earth’s gods should have left Superi alone, but Apollo couldn’t stand his defeat. He kicked the anthill, created the swarm, and at its heart stands the Five. Qandisa, the Cannaan goddess,and Thor, son of Odin, thinking to do what Earth could not, set the stage for war. However, when Apollo takes one loved by the Five, they move to take her back, and the gods discover the depth of their folly, as Tristan and Set discover the truth of what they are.  


Will Earth survive? Will Superi?  


Is this the end, or is Retribution the beginning?

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