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  • Race

    • Mortalis - turned into an Angeli

  • Age

    • 16 at the begining of Reborn

  • Abilities

    • Normal - Strength and Speed 5 times normal his size, 3 times normal; sight, hearing, agility, endurance.

    • Angeli - strength doubles again, speed triples, hears up to a mile, can see the curve of the planet, and skin becomes hardened.

  • Ability Level

    • None

  • Mark

    • Born with no marks but when goes into Angeli mode beautiful long sharp golden sliver marks cover his arms, chest, back, and legs.

  • General Mood

    • Serious, brotherly, good natured, honest, loyal, but a little naive

  • Hair

    • Black

  • Eyes

    • Yellow eyes

  • Skin Color

    • Pale white, when he releases the angeli mode he glows with a yellow brightness.

  • Height

    • 6’

  • Build

    • Muscular

  • Identifiable marks

    • Nox ears, Mortilas Face, Fulgo skin and eyes, Fera claws

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