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Two angeli are like a white capped wave on the 

surface of an ocean. The wave rolls, it breaks over, 

and then settles once again. Should we stir that ocean, 

a thousand tidal waves could crash down upon us, 

and what remains would be washed away.”


The warning is given, but it goes unheeded, and so 

the war begins. The House of Angeli stand as the chief 

cornerstone of Superi’s defenses as the Nations decide

their fate. Will they stand with Five to face the monsters 

Earth spews forth? 

Will they rally and meet the gods head on… 

Or will they choose a worse fate when the war is done? 

For those who do not aid the Angeli, might well endure 

their wrath instead. 

Signed HardCover Superi:Reignited

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