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Physical Descriptions

Complexion - White, Brown, Black

Height - up to 6 feet

Longevity - 90 years

Eyes - Green, Blue, Brown, and Hazel

Hair - Brown, Grey, White, Blond, Black, Red
Other - Rounded ears. 


Non-sex dominated

 Superior Minded, History Focused

Monarchy Minded

Political View

Scriptum se habet medacium a dirae monitionem de in multitudo ut venit.

I was once Superian. Now they call me mortalis. All that remains true is my name. I am called Unum Qui Videt; one who sees. Though I feel as if my magic has betrayed me for I never saw the curses coming. I couldn’t see through the rift.

         Superi has been thrown into chaos and the future reveals more of the same. Though what I see I can’t believe. It rends my heart but I feel as I must do this. In my own hand; written in my own blood so time cannot destroy the words, I write what was is, and what will be, in hopes a future generation will hear and be warned.

          I was born a twin. I lost my brother to the transformation as surely as if he’d died. He has severed the ties between us to gather with those of like image; ones of sinuous height; deathly pale skin, and golden eyes. They call themselves fulgo. For now they cloister themselves together building upon a doctrine that could set fire to the world.

         Soon they will look down upon Superi from self-appointed; self-righteous pedestals. They will cry out, ‘Peace! Peace!’ from behind a façade of passivity, but they will hold in their hearts a lofty aspiration. They will crave superiority over the other races; abandoning morality to serve science and politics instead. There will be no heart left among them.

         The race of the nox has fled to the swamp lands of Superi. Their dark skin and double pointed ears bore evidence of the curse manifesting itself against their persons. They fear a suppositious enemy and prepare themselves for battle, but they fail to know their adversary’s name; which is the repetition of that which will become our history. They will breed weakness from their race. They will hone their skills of combat to a deadly edge and will drive themselves to seek utter perfection.

         The fulgo will take advantage of what the nox will become. They will seek to use them, but in their arrogance and pride the nox will not see until the time of reckoning has come. I fear by then it could be too late to change their course.

         The race we now call fera fell prey hardest to the curse. We see their animalistic images and mistake the loss of Superian features for the loss of cognitive reasoning. We’ve already begun to shut them out of the world of man; leaving them to run as wild beasts throughout Superi. Words of wisdom I would impart. Do not underestimate them. 

          It is my hope that one of my own kind; a mortalis, finds this missive and takes it to heart. Superi looks upon our faces and sees what we once were; what we will never be again, and in their minds resentment grows. We alone retained the image of a Superian, but they fail to see the changes wrought within us. Our image lies; nothing more than a reminiscent shell that houses weakness where once strength and vitality resided. Even the years of our lives have been shortened.

         They blame our compulsive need for individual contest and conquest on narcissism. They fail to see what our reflection does to our psyche; how failing to reconcile our familiar image with our new reality tears at our soul. We fight to redeem ourselves; vainly attempting to be worthy of the image we still bear. They fail to see how their rejection and ostracism has pushed us toward self-reliance. It is our greatest flaw, but one that will soon be overcome as the banner of war does wave.

         When the last war has ended; before the day of reckoning has come, they will call us an impetus people. They will say we are ruled by our emotions; lead by our hearts. Embrace the stigma and count it for glory for they will tremble at our indignation and will fear our battle cry.

         My mind has traversed the aether. I have lived what was…I live what is… and I know what will be. Knowledge must be gained from wisdom lost, but destiny has divided the answers amongst the four races, and as of yet you know not what question to ask. Ignorance is your enemy. Look to the past as you strengthen yourselves to face the future, so that when the day of reckoning has come you will have the wherewithal to stand.


                Written herein lies a dire warning of the reckoning to come.

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