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  • Race

    • Mortalis Male

  • Age

    • Died at 47

  • Ability

    • Epoto

  • Level

    • 3

  • Markings

    • Dark blue spirals on the left side of his face - top left cheek to hairline up and just past the center of his face to his ear. 

    • Agility mark on the front of his thighs - gold crescents that sit back to back from his knees to his hips level 3

    • Speed spotted marking from butt to back of knees - red thin slivers level 1

    • Strength markings across the top of his back, shoulder to shoulder - black and blue rope like cords that intertwine slender to thick level 2

    • Telekinetic marks from his wrist to elbows - black diamon shapes that appear random level 1

  • General Mood

    • Strong willed, light hearted. Makes his first kill and finds that he likes it, no conscience. 

  • Hair

    • Midnight Black - shoulder length and curly
    • His hair is white were his mark on face go into his hair

  • Eyes

    • Light Blue

  • Skin Color

    • Tan

  • Height

    • 6’2"

  • Build

    • Muscular and well fit

  • Identifiable marks

    • Scars from old battles over most of his arms.

    • Scars from a whip on his back. 

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